Sunday, June 10, 2012

the real start of summer

Rachel and I have always done stuff together. Hope you don't mind if we share a bit of it. I'm guessing some of it will be great and other stuff, not so much. Keeping track of it should be fun, though! Last week was a whole crazy mess of fun we call "Camp Happy," our annual Girl Scout Day Camp. Neither one of us would miss it, but that week is all about camp and we haven't done any of the other stuff we have said we wanted to do... yet. Pictures from camp...
This is Rachel as a first year "goddess." These girls are hard-core Camp Happy participants. Rachel has been attending since she was in kindergarten and this is the first year she got to be a helper. Her camp name is Potter. 
Anyone want to guess why?

1 comment:

  1. How Precious!!!

    I have been looking for the perfect size receptacle to sit on our patio to catch little bits of trash. With the mouth opening the pieces of napkins won't fly out.
    Since we spend so much time on the patio, he will not get too lonely and...he will be well fed!
    (Great first project)