Monday, July 15, 2013


Back to the beginning of the summer...

Claudia Gasponi. Graduate. Cum Laude. Smarty Pants. June 8, 2013. College-bound. Supergirl.

Celebrating the Clear Falls High School Class of 2013

It was a great gathering with lots of food, family, and friends. One of Claudia's many milestones so far in life. With so much more in store for her in the future...

Do you remember when you read or saw the Pulitzer Prize winner To Kill a Mockingbird? This famous story marks a milestone for many of us. So many lessons learned throughout. It's definitely in the "classics" category. We're crossing it off the list tonight. 
To Kill a Mockingbird
Star Wars (original, duh)
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Elephant Man
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Rear Window
The Shining (maybe not)

Here are the poll answers from tonight's question:
What message does Atticus teach his children in this story?
R: Don't judge others just by what you hear and think. Get to know them.
M: Stand up for what's right.
Me: Respect is a strong value that can help guide you through life.
You: _______________________________________________

Want to join us for the next screening? Let us know and we'll give you plenty of time to get here. You bring the popcorn.

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